Tinting protects you, and your vehicle’s interior from the Sun’s UV rays, and glare, to give you a more clear and safe view of the road. Car window tints can sometimes help hold shattered glass together, making your vehicle safer in the event of a collision. Tinted car windows always make for a sleek look, and increase your privacy

Window Tints

Only premium quality window tint is carried in our shop. 3M is our preferred window tint company and we ensure that every window tint is professionally installed and lasts as long as your car will with over 7 year manufacturer Warranty.

Head, Tail, & Fog light Tint

We use Lamin-x film for most head, tail, and fog light projects. Lamin-x, unlike most light tint, also protects your headlights from stone chips and scratches. Get the sharp aggressive look you’re looking for, while still making a smart protection of investment decision.