Nyan Cat Purrari

It was a typical day at Sekanskin when we received a strange call. After a few minutes of conversation we realized what we were in for. Joel Zimmerman had contacted us and wanted our team to help with his vision of turning his Ferrari 458 Spider into a Nyan Cat themed Purrari.
To get the process started Joel sent us digital images of the main idea that he designed. The theme of the car was to replicate the Nyan Cat, with stars, rainbows and a pop tart cat. From there we had a our friends and design team at 3Mcube produced the graphic files to get ready for the install.
Take a look at the Sekanskin process, first we had to take everything off in order to wrap the door jams.
We had to do some disassembling off the Purrari in order to prep for the callipers and centre console to be painted. We then sent them over to Luxury Auto Body and they powder coated them pink and painted the centre console white.
As a final step to the 458 project we installed paint protection film to give the Purrari extra coverage.
We had originally badged the Purrari with Nyan Cat symbols, and asked Joel if he liked it. He liked the idea but not the image itself as it looked like a giant block. Instead, he decided to add the silhouette of a jumping cat to resemble the Ferrari symbol. Once this change was made the car went from the Nyan Cat Ferrari to Deadmau5’s Purrari!